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Bellingham Metal Fabricators is a concept and value engineering company in Greater Boston that specializes in miscellaneous metal fabrications and structural steel packages up to 500 tons. 

Our commitment to accuracy, detail and quick turnaround time for deliverables has ensured our success with metal fabrication projects of all sizes. Our AISC certification and Massachusetts Highway (Mass DOT) certification further ensure quality steel packages. We have the capability of hiring either union or non-union installers on our metal jobs.

Our metal and steel services include CNC plasma cutting, CNC pipe bending, bending and rolling (pipe, tube or plate), certified welding, MIG, TIG, powder coating, anodizing, chroming and galvanization. We also offer custom, hand crafted, rustic tables created from steel, stainless steel, copper and aluminum by request.  Offering metal & wood tables, hammered copper tables, reclaimed tables and stainless steel tables – handcrafted, contemporary furniture at a great value. Our craftsmen can re-create or design custom furniture at the highest quality to meet your needs.

Our metal fabrication facility easily services Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut & New York for your structural steel package and miscellaneous metal needs.